Road Side Assistance

Most people feel that the only roadside assistance that can get is from AAA, State Farm or Progressive, but sometimes you are not under their plans, or better yet why pay for those plans when Five Star Towing got your back!

We are familiar with cars of all makers & models, and trust me when we say that in 30 years of running one of the biggest tow truck companies in Oakland County, we have seen it all.

From Radiator leaks to broken down axle to flat tires and locked out vehicles, we have saved customers from their worst days and proud to be a company that was able to brighten their day.

At the end of the day that’s what we are about, a service company that is here to serve you and make your day bit better. We do not take your investment in us lightly, we work hard to make sure that your hard earned dollars was spent for excellent service.

You see, what makes us great is that not only do you not pay us any hidden fees for your car troubles on the road, but we do it just as well as all the other roadside assistance companies if not better because you are going to have one of our drivers that actually care about our reputation and putting in good effort to help you.

The best part is, if all else fails we can always tow the vehicle right there on the spot instead of waiting again for tow truck company to arrive.

We know the streets of this area very well, like the back of our hand, this is backyard for us as we are born & raised in Metro Detroit Michigan.

We will arrive swiftly and take care of any vehicle issues you may be facing, and tow the car if needed to one of your repair stores of your preference or to one of our own repair shops with unbeatable service & prices.

Most other towing companies cannot offer this much comprehensive support on the road. Give us a try, you will not be disappointed.